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This telescope was designed for use by amateurs and professionals worldwide.  It is currently operated by the Mt. Lemmon SkyCenter - University of Arizona Department of Astronomy, and has been provided by the Schulman Foundation, Oxford, MD (Joseph D. Schulman, President).  Detailed information will soon be made available for reserving time on the telescope and utilizing its extensive imaging and scientific capabilities online. 


IC 4605 - Schulman Telescope

Thor's Helmet - Schulman Telescope

32 Inch R-C Telescope For Remote Controlled 

 Astrophotography and Astronomy Research

The Schulman Telescope

Online access systems for the telescope are now being finalized.  Announcements will be made in astronomy magazines and professional sources when this process is completed within the next few months.  

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Hourglass Nebula in M8 - Schulman Telescope